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Things to Put in Place for Protection Against W-2 Phishing Scam

Fraudsters are people who have the bad intention and nowadays, you will find that they will ask you for some credentials of your business like the tax forms. What they do is sending you a personal email or even an email at the workplace targeting the entire staff so that they get access to the tax forms of the business. Upon giving them your form, it is going to be used for fraudulent reasons. Protection against this is what you need to be thinking about. Hence, here are the ways for you to get protected against W-2 Phishing scam.

It is important first for you to know how you to recognize this W-2 Phishing scam. These scammers will have to come in different ways which you need to know about. They are usually very polite emails which request for your tax forms, and you may be convinced since the mail will look very legitimate. But you need to know that it is very rare for people to ask for the tax forms especially via emails. These are therefore the emails which you need to mark them as junk or scam at

You need to know that these people are also evolving new techniques with the aim of getting your attention and trust. Hence, you need to learn of the two main ways through which you will use to protect both you and the staff against the W-2 Phishing scam. It all starts by making sure that the team you are more working with is well trained well since these scammers will not only have to depend on the technological approaches. Digital security training is what the staff should not miss, and hence, W-2 Phishing scam should be an agenda here. Through this, the staff will be able to identify these W-2 Phishing scam mails.

The other important way for protection against the W-2 Phishing scam is the human two-factor authentication. This is all about double-checking on the requests, and it should be done mainly by the administrators in the business. Make sure you are asking the person directly for you to verify that indeed it is human and they are legitimate. It is also important for you to make a phone call to such people. During the calls, do a proper interview for verification. Make sure you are calling the number that you know it belongs to them and not the one on the email.

Never try to give away the tax details that belong to your business to be able to avoid W-2 Phishing scam. Double-checking is mandatory for the new requests that may come your way. Proper training of the staff is therefore important for them to avoid confusion and ignorance. To get some facts about paystub, visit

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